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... to all of you!!

Hope you will be able to discover many a hidden eggs and other treasures!

During a recent visit to Berlin I was succesful in this respect myself - no, not in finding eggs, but in collection interesting und surprising sights:

Trabbi XXL by calimer00
The famous DDR car, the Trabbi, has found it´s own rejuvenation.

And to prove that the streets of Berlin have more to offer than just cars, here a shot of the latest convention of Superheroes:

Superheroes on the prowl by calimer00

Enjoy !!!

yours truly
I wish some wonderful Easter Holidays to all of you!

(And now letīs all keep our fingers crossed that spring will finaly find itīs way to those shivering artists.... us, that is! ;-) )

All the best for you, your families, loved ones and friends!

And have a great start into 2013!

Looking forward for lots of new art and beautiful things


Grateful for a Premium Membership!

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 23, 2012, 3:45 AM
An anonymous donor granted me this wonderful gift and I´m simply delighted!

Whoever this was: Many Thanks from an excited Calimero!!!

Another time another feature

Sun Sep 11, 2011, 3:54 AM
I´m a happy camper as I was featured in the Photo Feature from July 2011:…

From the Photography Group:

I would like to encourage  you to visit their gallery as there is amazing art to discover (not just mine, don´t you worry ;-)  ) - Enjoy

Soo happy being featured...

Sat Aug 27, 2011, 2:00 AM
I just learned I was being featured by two wonderful DA friends, who themselves, are outstanding photographers and artists.

Feature by Punkdiva…

Feature by Jogi1960

Needless to say that I´m a happy camper now!

Maybe you would like to visit their realm of work as well - highly recommended!:……

I´m a proud Deviant again as I was featured here:…
Thanks a lot to the gremlins growing *icarus-ica!!
I was featured again in an fantastic gallery which makes feel very honoured indeed.
Have a look here:……

Apart from great pictures you´ll find an great deal of interesting informations on Germany!


I just learned I was featured with one of my pics (…), which is great. I also like the idea behind the particular feature, so why are´nt you having a look for yourself:…

Have fun!